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St David’s Day

Every year the children enjoy celebrating St David’s Day. This year we decided to move our celebrations from the school to the community by arranging a special Welsh afternoon tea and song at the village hall in Mynydd Llandegai. We invited parents and members of the community to join us in our celebrations. The hall was full and everyone certainly had a feast for the eyes and ears with singing and folk dancing as well as a feast of bara brith and Welsh cakes! Thank you everyone who came to support us – we are very fortunate of the friends we have at Ysgol Bodfeurig.

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Chinese New Year

The school was full of excitement when we celebrated Chinese New Year. Everyone came to school in their red or Chinese clothes before learning about the history of how each year was named after an animal. Anti Anwen and Anti Dana were busy preparing a Chinese feast before ending the day with dosbarth Tryfan presenting a special Chinese class service using a giant Chinese dragon!

Parti Oriol Oren

Dosbarth Idwal have really enjoyed learning about Aled Afal and his friends. One of his best friends is Oriol Oren and the class have been busy organising a birthday party for him! The children cooked fairy cakes before decorating the colourfully. Everyone was invited to the party where there were party games, dancing to Welsh music and of course eating party food. Everyone enjoyed singing happy birthday to Oriol Oren before blowing out the candles on a very special birthday cake!


As part of their Supermarket theme dosbarth Idwal visited Tesco in Bangor to learn more about food. Everyone had an opportunity to taste healthy food and to shape dough to make bread. Everyone enjoyed walking around the shop as well as getting the opportunity to visit the bakery and the enormous fridge! Thank you very much Tesco for the welcome.


Gwenllian from the recycling department of Gwynedd Council visited dosbarth Idwal to discuss different ways of recycling. The children had an opportunity to sort the rubbish into various bins. We would like to thank Gwenllian for her visit and chat with the children, everyone enjoyed themselves.

Healthy Eating

To continue with their work on food and supermarkets the children in year 2 decided to create their own project to sell smoothies to other children in the school. They decided on three flavours and bought the fruit whilst on their visit to Tesco. Everyone designed posters to advertise the smoothies and worked out the pricing. The project was very successful and everyone was overjoyed to find that they had made £12 profit! Well done year 2!



Most children certainly enjoy cartoons so you can imagine the excitement when the cartoonist Huw Aaron visited dosbarth Tryfan and Ogwen to give everyone special cartoon lessons! Huw creates cartoons for the Welsh comic ‘Mellten’ and he succeeded in bringing some of the characters alive in our classrooms. We are certain that there are several talented cartoonists in the school and we look forward to seeing more of their work again in the future.

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Llyr Titus

Dosbarth Ogwen were fortunate enough to get a visit from the author Llyr Titus. He came to the school to talk about his work as an author as well as to inspire the children’s creative writing. The children benefited greatly from the workshop and enjoyed listening to Llyr reading some of his work to them. Thank you Llyr for inspiring us!


Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team

This term dosbarth Tryfan have been looking at natural disasters. To help them learn more about areas which have faced natural disasters we invited members of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team. Tim and Brian have a wealth of experience helping in situations such as floods and heavy snow. It was a fantastic experience to listen to their stories about how they helped others in emergencies as well as showing us the equipment they use. We are very fortunate to have people like Tim and Bryan who volunteer to help others. Thank you for all your hard work and for giving your time to the school.

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School Radio

Recently the children have been enjoying being radio stars on Cymru FM. Mr Walton has been leading radio sessions where the children are introduced to Welsh music and given an opportunity to practice their oracy work. There is an opportunity to listen again to the children’s work on the Cymru FM website www.cymru.fm<http://www.cymru.fm/> and click on ‘listen again’.


Project Cwtch

Ysgol Bodfeurig and Ysgol Tregarth have been very fortunate to receive a grant through the Arts Council of Wales which gives us the opportunity to work with artists over the term. The work has already started with workshops learning about dragons – linking with the Chinese new year. Following the amazing workshops with Colin Daimond, Ed Holden and Pete Powell the children performed to the whole school and their parents with a giant Chinese dragon!
The project will now move on to see the children creating their own dragon – Cwtch. Cwtch will then be able to travel to learn about other countries and to teach children in these countries about our corner of Wales.

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Bodfeurig Christmas

Everyone at Ysgol Bodfeurig had a great Christmas with a lot of fun. The celebrations started with a very tasty Christmas from Anti Anwen and Anti Dana!
Following the Christmas lunch it was time for the hard work of practicing and performing our Christmas concert. This year we went on a journey to Russia where we met Babwshca and the wise men. The concert was a feast of singing, acting and dancing for the school’s friends and parents. Well done children and thank you to everyone who supported us.
After all the hard work it was time for a treat with everyone going on an exciting visits. Dosbarth Idwal went to visit the man himself, Father Christmas, at Pili Palas whilst classes Tryfan and Ogwen had a great time at Pontio watching the panto Blodeuwedd. These were great experiences to finish off another busy and successful year at the school. Click here to see more photos of Bodfeurig Christmas


As part of their theme ‘When we sleep’, dosbarth Idwal looked at creatures who are awake when we sleep. One of their favourite animals is the owl so you can imagine the excitement felt when owls visited the school! Many different owls visited from the North Wales Owl Sanctuary and everyone had an opportunity to hold them and to learn more about how the Sanctuary care for them. The school raised money to ensure the Sanctuary can continue with their hard work.

Red Squirrels

There is a scheme in the Dyffryn Ogwen area to re-introduce red squirrels. As part of this scheme the school has been working with Holly – the Red Squirrel Ranger for Bangor and Anglesey, to improve our understanding about these fantastic creatures. Before Christmas Holly came to the school to create squirrel feeders with us. Everyone was busy collecting bottles before decorating them in colourful patterns to be put in their gardens. Children in Tryfan and Ogwen class also created stencils to be put on permanent squirrel feeders in local woodlands. Holly will place a camera near the boxes so that we can see if any red squirrels come to feed there! We are very pleased to be part of this exciting project and we hope the number of red squirrels in the local area increases.


Cegin Fwd

What is your favourite food to cook in the kitchen? A cake? Biscuits? Not in Bodfeurig’s new kitchen – a mud kitchen!! The kitchen has been very popular amongst the children and they have had hours of fun playing in the mud and creating all kinds of ‘food’!



The school has links with the Slate Paths project. Under the guidance of Anita Daimond years 5 and 6 went on an adventure to search for Geo-Cashes in the local area. This was an excellent opportunity to develop their map reading skills and to enjoy themselves in their local area.


It was an early start for years 5 and 6 when they began on their exciting journey to Cardiff! During their stay they were able to visit the Big Pit, Techniquest and the Assembly where they had an opportunity to meet our assembly member Sian Gwenllian. When they travelled home everyone learned a lot when they visited Sain Ffagan.


Gourmet Byd Eang

Dosbarth Ogwen have travelled to the ends of the world through their recent theme – Global Gourmet. Through this theme everyone had the opportunity to learn about different foods from around the world, food miles and how to use spreadsheets to calculate the costs in restaurants. The highlight of the theme was a visit to Eastern Origin in Bangor to taste their fantastic food.


Zoo Lab
Do you like minibeasts? Then you would have enjoyed when Zoo Lab visited the school with many interesting creatures. We had an opportunity to learn more about scorpions, cockroaches, hermit crabs, millipedes, turtles and...a guinea pig! Everyone had their favourite animal but without a doubt the most popular was the guinea pig.

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Pitran Patran

We have been on a class walk to look at water around us in Mynydd Llandegai. We walked along a small path up the mountain. It was a misty morning and it was raining a little. We saw a waterfall and a river. We saw the Bodfeurig Well – it was magical. We saw the Angel Well and a stream flowing slowly. We walked along a stone and wooden bridge. It was very slippery! We saw many trees with red berries on them. We heard birds sing and it was a lot of fun. We walked back to school with our friends.
By Eira and Llyr

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Dosbarth Tryfan’s theme at the moment is Castles and Dragons. An important part of the theme we went on a visit to Caernarfon and Dolbadarn Castles. Everyone had a great time learning about how the castles were built and how they were defended. After our visit we created our own castles. Which one would you like to live in?

Click here to see more photos from our Castle trip


Welcome back to all the children in Dosbarth Idwal after the summer holidays.

Welcome to the Nursery children on their first day at Bodfeurig School. It was lovely to see all the Reception children happy on their first full day at school. We look forward to a successful and happy year !

As part of our unit of work this term we are learning about Water. We have arranged a Fun day with Water this Thursday (08/09/16). We are going on a walk to look for signs of water next Monday morning (12/09/16)

We have a visitor from the Archives in Caernarfon coming to the class to teach children about washing clothes next Wednesday (14/09/16)

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Welcome back to everyone in dosbarth Tryfan - years 3 and 4.

We are looking forward to a busy year leaning many new things.

Our theme for the next few weeks will be Castles and Dragons! As part of our theme we will be visiting Dolbadarn and Caernarfon Castles to learn more about how they were built and their history.


Welcome back to everyone in dosbarth Ogwen - years 5 and 6.

We are looking forward to a busy year leaning many new things.

Our theme for the next half term is Global Gourmet! As part of our theme we will be visiting a local restaurant!


At the end of term, Tryfan class learnt about carnivals. With the children taking responsibility for planning the work, they had of course to hold their own carnival! They had enormous fun on the day the carnival was held as everybody came to school wearing fancy dress and the carnival king and queen were selected before a large parade was held in front of school parents and friends.
Here is everybody wearing their masks ready for the carnival!

Ynni Ogwen
On a very wet day at the end of term, we received an invitation from Ynni Ogwen to see the site for the scheme and to witness the first sod being broken. Thanks to two from the school’s Eco Council for joining in with other children from the catchment-area for this special occasion.

Farewell and welcome
At the end of the school year, we said farewell to year 6 pupils as they transferred to secondary school. Best wishes to you all. We also bid farewell to Miss Price who has taught at the school for eighteen months. Our best wishes to her on her travels.
At the beginning of a new year, we welcome the new pupils to the school. You will hopefully have a happy time with us. Welcome also to Mr Andrew Walton who has joined the school’s teaching staff.

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